My design philosophy has been shaped by everything I have ever experienced in life. I believe in "design thinking", and designing for the greater good. I used to make objects, now Iím more interested in creating new experiences. While studying product design at SFSU, I deepened my knowledge of materiality and physical prototyping. During my time there I was involved in a highly rewarding volunteer program called Industrial Design Outreach (iDO) to teach high school students the design process. Iíve learned a wealth of information thru podcasts such as; Lunar's icon-o-cast, Stanfordís podcasts, Harvard's IdeaCast and inspiring videos from sources like TED, Core77, and Cool Hunting. I love attending conferences about design and recently attended, Art Bazel Miami, SF Design Week, ICFF, and Connecting. I attribute much of my core beliefs being deepened by conversations I have had with Marc Newson, Yves Behar, Jurgen Meyer, Enzo Mari, Martin Linder, Dan Harden, and Branko Lukic.

I'm always looking for people to collabrate with. Please contact me at: